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Hire the best Water Purifier service expert near you in Delhi NCR. We provide doorstep service for all brands and all models. If you are feeling tired of frequent interruption of your Water Purifier service, then connect us to get best service technician near you. We are providing doorstep pick up and drop facility at affordable price.

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Pureit purifying the water at its best

Pureit, the outraging water industry company, is setting benchmarks because of the quality of its product and the variety of its product. Since their inception, they are continuously growing in the market. They are well known for not only their products but also because of their other provisions. Like pureit customer care provides the best solutions to your queries or any issues you are facing regarding the purchase of the product, or for the delivery feedback or even if there is any fault in the product. To contact the hul pureit customer care, you can visit the pureit customer care number and have the conversation regarding your queries.

Hindustan Unilever which is regarded as the parent company of pureit, this brand has over thirty-five brands in twenty distinct classes like the soaps, the detergents, shampoos, skin care, toothpaste, cosmetics, tea, coffee, prepacked foods, ice cream, and water purifiers and with many other items and entitlements also. The Company also focuses on being a part of the everyday life of thousands and millions of consumers across India. With such a presence of a diversity of this brand, if you have any queries, you can also contact the Hindustan pureit customer care, which ensures to entail you with the best solutions.

Many customers have a belief that rather than calling the pureit customer care no to get the service repair representative they get the servicing done from outside. The mechanics who are present are just not aware of the electric motor repair which the pureit mechanism has within it. They have just mentioned on their billboard about pureit repair, pureit motor repair, pureit ro motor repair, pureit water purifier repair. They only mention these types of things on their description to attract new customers.

It is dangerous to get your purifier repaired from these third-party mechanics as water is an essential part of our life and drinking unhealthy water can result in various types of diseases. Getting your Pureit RO purifier serviced from a third party terminates not only its official warranty but also the free regular check-ups and the free pureit ro repair service for the first few months. The customer has to contact the pureit customer care toll free number or the pureit water purifier customer care to book their complaint or the service.

There are times when the pureit customer care phone is unanswered, and this sometimes makes the customer agitated, but the number is not intentionally undetermined. The pureit customer care contact number executive might be busy with some other customer's call, and that might have caused for the unanswering of the request. In this type of case, the customer can also contact the pureit customer care toll free number or the pureit ro customer care which has these helpline numbers which are of the main office, and the customer can directly register their complaint or service there also.

Its not just that the customer might have complained only to contact them, you can call them for any query regarding the products. Either you want to learn more about the products or the Company, or you some about your product or even if you are demented between choosing the best product for your home. They are just one call away in solving the miseries related to water problems.

Pureit has outshined itself worldwide with its enormous range of products. It has its branches in more than 100+ cities and countries. For instance, in Delhi only, it has more than 10 to 15 offices and pureit help services centres as well as pureit customer care toll free number for your help. Pureit Ro water purifiers are available in almost all the metro cities and virtually all the non-metro cities which the main reason behind their growth. They are not only willing to provide you with the best products, but they aim to provide you and your family a happy and safe ahead.

Pureit Water purifier provides meaning to your life

Water Pollution has made it difficult for every living soul, irrespective of their country or city; almost everyone faces this problem. People tend to live their life on the water as it is a necessity for us. But due to some factors, this necessity is becoming hazardous for us. Drinking water has become so impure and unclean. For being safe from deadly and dangerous diseases, many people tend to buy water purifiers from a different brand, and they end up paying thousands and thousands of amounts.

Well, here is a better deal and a better option for you. Introducing the Pureit water purifiers, which not only is cost-effective with affordable ranges but also is the best water technology with the purest quality.

Pureit water purifier company is in the market for more 3-4 years and is still taking over the purifiers industry. They not only deal or provide you with Ro water purifiers for your home alone but also for your office or your industries. They offer both the domestic and commercial as well as the industrial products. The pureit ro customer care number is also set up for you so that you can quickly clear all your miseries regarding the product or the queries or you can also contact the pureit customer care number toll free.

With its beautifully designed product, an RO consists of a semi-permeable membrane which helps to move the water to filter, and where filter does the work of purifying the water by contaminating items like chemicals, pesticides, parasites and toxins like chlorine, lead, bacteria and many more.

The Hindustan pureit customer care number also, which gives us one more reason to rely on this Company's product as Hindustan Unilever is the brand behind this pureit brand. This Company has grown diverse in many cities and countries and has opened many branches all over India. Which is the reason it is leading, as the sole liberator of the water industry?

Everyone is providing a decent water purifier but how many can offer excellent after-sales service. One cannot just buy a purifier to test their after sale services. In these types of situations, the customer should go with the brand, which is already recognised in the market and has some brand value. Pureit RO is one of those brands which is highly acclaimed in their field and is well received among the customers. With customer care no of pureit water purifier the customer gets best in class after sales service. The customer can even track their pureit ro repair progress from the calling the pureit water purifier customer care number.


Many customers believe that rather than calling the pureit customer care toll free no to get the service repair representative, they get the servicing done from outside. The mechanics present there are not aware of the electric motor repair pureit mechanism. There are times when the pureit customer care toll free is left unanswered, and this sometimes makes the customer agitated, but the number is not intentionally undetermined. The pureit customer care contact number executive might be busy with some other customer's call, and that might have caused for the unanswering of the call. In this type of case, the customer can also contact the customer care number of pureit or the customer care pureit these helpline numbers are of the main office, and the customer can directly register their complaint or service there also.

Pureit is still continually innovating and providing solutions to protect people from harmful diseases. It is driven by the purpose to offer good health to everyone, pureit is, with no doubt, the best guardian of your family’s health and lets you drink pure, breathe pure, eat pure & live pure.

To sum up, pureit RO purifier is the answer to your water-related problems. As it is a full-on package which not only assures your health but also entails various qualities with it.  With purifying and cleansing the water, it helps you to keep your family secure from all the health hazards which water has.

Drinking Pure- Living Healthy

Cliché line coming up.  Even though 72% of Earth is covered with water, we still don't have clean drinking water available in many areas. Of the total water open, 97% is in saline form, and the rest 3% is fresh water. With the modern-day lifestyle, the amount of freshwater that could earlier be directly utilized is not available in a vast amount anymore. The scarcity of fresh water has increased a lot.

What is water purification?

·         We need water purification. Water purification is the process of removal of impurities and contaminants like silt, clay, heavy metals, chemicals, etc. from raw water to produce water that is fit for human consumption.

·         Water is a basic need of all living organisms while it is also the reason for many of the fatal diseases prevailing in today’s generation due to unavailability of pure and clean drinking water.

Do you want to live a disease-Free life? Get yourself a Water purifier which will help clean your water and make it fit for consumption. Call at Pureit toll free customer care number and book your water purifiers complete services like the selection of best water purifier for your use, installation, servicing & maintenance and AMC. A call at Pureit RO customer care no ensure that you will drink pure and healthy water.


A Little Brief About Pureit As A Company

·         Resolute in their motives, Pureit is the brand water purifier of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra since about 86 years.

·         It has been working on its products since its start and has shown exponential growth with a few mergers to its name, adding to its annual revenue of Rupees 34,487 crores.

·         The whole industry is based on consumer goods ranging from food, personal care products to water purifiers like Pureit.


Need for water purification

·         There are many Water purifiers available but how to know which one’s the best? Pureit is the answer to India’s water purification needs.

·         Pureit aims to provide its customers with the best possible products made with the smartest possible ways.

·         Since its launch, Pureit has become the world’s largest selling water purifier brand with its presence in over 9 countries in the world.

·         Pureit’s products are built with taking the needs of the people in mind, using the revolutionary and innovative technologies like RO, UV, MF and Oxytube.

·         Pureit has given vital importance to its customer relationship management and adheres strictly to the feedback and opinions to serve them better.

·         You can contact the Pureit Hindustan Customer Care where their operator will guide you through the process of selecting the right purifier for you based on your needs and budget.


For any issues related to Pureit Customer Care -

·         Pureit Hul Customer Care is the best there is in this field.

·         The water Pureit purifier customer care and Pureit water purifier customer care toll free number executive will work around the clock to its customers.

·         The details for Pureit water customer care contact number are as follows:

·         For Pureit Customer Care India

·         Pureit RO customer care toll free number: 9268887770

·         Pureit Customer Care phone number: 9266668507

·         You can also search online for 'Pureit Customer Care bear me’ to contact the local customer care for queries.

·         Pureit provides free installation with all its products, reach Pureit installation customer care for assistance on this subject.

·         The Customer care number Pureit and the customer care Pureit water purifier has been custom designed for every region in this country.


Gift yourself good health. Buy this fantastic water purifier today. If you face any issue, then look for the Pureit customer service online. You are assured of getting the best assistance ever. Go and do this right away. Enjoy fresh and clean drinking water.


Pureit Customer Care

Water is one of the five essential elements of life, making it a necessary component for sustaining of life. Water helps in digestion and circulation, in controlling body temperature and excretion of waste products. We lose water through breathing sweating and metabolism, so it is vital to rehydrate our body by consumption of water-rich fluid and food. Customer care for Pureit is always there to help you.

Water – Our Lifeline

It not only hydrates our body but also helps in the transportation of nutrients and minerals within our organization. Out of total water available on Earth, 97% of water is present in a Saline form in ocean, seas and saline groundwater. Only about 2.5-2.75% is fresh water, out of this 1.75-2% is in a frozen way (i.e., in glaciers, ice, and snow) leaving 0.5-0.7% of water as fresh groundwater which is available for drinking.

Why we need water purifier?

Not all the water available is fit for drinking, contaminated water contains undesirable components such as heavy sand metals, chlorine, fluorine, and a list of other chemicals that can harm our body. Consumption of polluted water or contaminated water can cause various diseases like vomiting, diarrhoea, typhoid, nausea, etc.  Out of all the disorders, Diarrhea is the most common disease as it attacks our digestive system leading to dehydration, loss of skin colour, and much more. Typhoid affects approximately 2 million people worldwide almost every year. Another effect of drinking polluted or impure water is Guinea worm disease, which causes extreme body pain and can last for months.

Everyone wants a disease-free and healthy life, but consuming polluted water can put a stop to it. Drinking water must be free from toxins and particulates; it should be clean and properly structured. Alkaline water, glacial meltwater or the sort passed at high pressure are some of the examples of water obtained through a reverse osmosis system.

According to the survey, every 20 seconds, a child dies from the water they are drinking. All the credits go to poor water sanitation, industrial waste, oil leaks, etc.

About Pureit –

Pureit is launched, it has become the World’s Largest Selling water purifier brand stretching its products in over nine countries. Pureit’s revolutionary products use innovative technologies like RO, MF, Oxytube, and UV. It aims to provide smart ways to purify water and make it healthy and safe.

You can talk with their operator, and they would help you choose which purifier is best for you-you can contact them using their Pureit RO UV Water Purifier Customer Care number or Pureit RO water purifier customer care number.

For any help or assistance with your Pureit water purifier, you can reach them by calling at customer care no Pureit water purifier; they have 24/7 customer care service. The branches of Pureit RO water purifier is available in almost every region; they can be contacted through their customer care number Pureit RO.

In this world of pollution, the water cannot be made fit for drinking just by boiling it due to the presence of heavy metal and iron rust. Pureit tackles this problem with ease. They provide a wide range of water purifiers, according to our needs and also to make sure that every drop of water you drink is pure and safe. Thus to install your water purification system at your place visit the nearest service center. To find the nearest service centre, Google Pureit customer care near me.

Advantages of Pureit

•    Easy to reach

•    Wide service network

•    Highest rated service

•    Their promise to provide pure and safe water.

Customers can contact their branch by calling at customer care Pureit water purifier.

People Can Reach Them Using The Given Customer Care Numbers

·         For installation Pureit water purifier call at Pureit Installation customer care number – 09268887770

·         To book your water purifier services call at Pureit customer care service- 09266668507

Install water purifier at your place and enjoy the benefits of drinking pure and healthy water. For any query and help contact the Pureit customer care India.

Hindustan Unilever Pureit Customer Care will amaze you incredibly, see how!

Pureit has been amongst the most advanced and improved range of in-home purifiers that purify water. As soon as, you hear the name Hindustan Unilever, you put your trust in the brand name in advance, that is the reason why Pureit customer care complaints are being taken so seriously. Pureit has proven itself as an unmatchable innovation launched by Hindustan Unilever, that provide complete protection from all sorts of diseases that take birth because of contaminated water.

Why is it essential to drink pure water?

As the world is getting increasingly modern, pollution is growing as well, and so the impurities around us. Among all the dirt and polluted elements around us, water proves to be the most effective one that hits the human body directly and induces a disease as soon as, one drinks contaminated water. Most of the illnesses that happen because of water are diarrheal, from which a lot of people suffer in a year. That is the reason why, Pureit follows a mechanism through which water loses all its dirt particles and impurities, and turns out to be pure, and eventually, drinkable. While using such a product, you may have to witness problems or small malfunction issues sometimes, that’s why Pureit India Customer Care remains available all the time for its clients. Because health is primary, and if due to any reason, Pureit doesn’t work, you can contact Pureit C Care for the same, and they will help you as soon as possible.

Why is it easy-going to opt for a full-fledged water filter like Pureit?

Some people believe in the fact that by boiling the water, all of its impurities would be gone. The thing is right, but only a few know exactly how much or till when the water should be boiled to make it free of impurities. On the other hand, boiling the water is a time-taking process, and also, it is energy-intensive. And, eventually, it proves to be expensive, in comparison to using the water filter. There are also other types of filters which are candle-based having a specific amount of storage capacity attached to it. Using such filters prove to be just a formality as they do no make sure that you're safe from all the germs and dirt particles. Using water purifying systems, like Pureit comes with no hassles, and to make the experience even more comfortable and more soothing for you, Pureit toll free customer care is always there for you. Pureit customer care timings have been kept flexible, that's why you can call anytime you face a problem regarding the same. As Unilever follows a mission to avail its clients with clean, as well as, affordable drinking water in the most natural manner possible, Pureit customer care helpline number always remains available, so that the associated clients’ issues can be resolved as soon as possible.

The epitome of technological breakthroughs: Hindustan Unilever Pureit

The scientists associated with Unilever have been working for considerable years so that they may introduce the world with a range of products that are technologically so advanced that they work flawlessly. The creation of the in-home water purifier Pureit is one such unique invention. While using Pureit, if you face any issue, then you can Google Pureit water purifier customer care no, or Unilever Pureit customer care number, and contact to the responsible team of Pureit, and get your issues resolved. If you are comfortable with Hindi language, then you can also type, 'Pureit ka customer care number,’ and get connected with the team.

Marvellous Range of Products from Hindustan Unilever Pureit

When it’s about clean, safe and healthy drinking habits, Hindustan Unilever comes to be a genuine name for such purposes. Being it about your kitchen’s decor, family needs and the taste, Hindustan Unilever’s Pureit has proven itself worthy for all factors. Hindustan Unilever Pureit has earned a title tag of World’s Largest Seller of in-house water purifiers (as per 2016 survey). All the revolutionary products come with innovative and modernize technologies like UV, UF, RO, MF, and oxytube. Pureit has marked its most significant selling record in almost 9 countries. Among the top-rated purifier companies in the industry, Hindustan Unilever has always maintained its name with the legacy of over 80 years. With a strong base of UNILEVER working on the purity of water and consecutive the health of consumers; Hindustan Unilever has become a brand in the industry for the same. With the vast range of water purifiers, Hindustan Unilever has proposed three categories of purifier:

         RO purifiers

         UV Purifiers

         Non-electric purifiers

Each product possesses variance in in-built technology with multi-levels of purification stages, germ-kill kit, and digital advance alert system for any fault within the machine. These marvellous features ensure the safety of the product as well as the health of your loved ones.

Since many years, HUL has been contributing to a healthy lifestyle of millions via safe drinking facilities. And pureit is an innovative breakthrough of HUL serving with complete protection from water-borne diseases, affordability, and convenience of easy-to-use. The best feature of pureit is its cleaning factor that makes water as safe as after being boiled. Apart from its accessibility and affordability, pureit provides the best technological features that make it available for millions. With easy to reach and extensive service network, HUL provides availability of its services across the globe. Whether you choose to call, SMS or reach via email, they have provided a wide range of reach to contact their customer services and seek help. One can consider looking for Hindustan Unilever Pureit customer care number, Hindustan Unilever Pureit customer care contact number or Hindustan Unilever Pureit customer care no. Being it for a service request, demo service, or regarding any complaint or inquiry, HUL provides enough transparency of their products and services and freedom to reach to them effortlessly via Unilever Pureit Customer Care anytime the consumers feel so. The secure services give the customer's accessibility of its Hul Pureit Customer Care Number from all over the world so that they can have the best experiences ever.

Variations of Pureit Purifiers


Pureit Marvella RO 25 LPH: The best feature of this product is that it can be attached under the sink that saves enough space in the kitchen area being it of modern or old-fashioned structure. Equipped with 7-stages of the purification process and RO purification technology, it serves you clean and mineral-rich drop of water. The auto-alert feature notifies the consumer 15 days before the Germkill Kit expires and it automatically shut off when the kit gets expires. Thus, along with compact body design, one will bring the top-notch product at home. Hindustan Unilever Pureit Marvella Customer Care provides services within 48 hours. The service providers are widely scattered across the localities or countries. Thus, one can quickly look for Pureit Marvella RO Customer Care Number or Pureit Marvella Customer Care to seek help from nearby available engineers to avoid the last-minute rush.

Pureit Marvella UV G2: Comparing to the ordinary purifiers, this product comes with 6000 liters of cartridge life. Featured with double purity lock, it alerts you 15 days before the expiration date of Germkill kit and automatic shut off feature make it stop the water flow when the kit expires. With 4 liters of the storage tank, it serves even without electricity supply. The advance fluctuation guard protects the machine from a sudden change in voltage. One can search for Pureit Marvella UV Customer Care or Marvella Pureit Customer Care to get the services at the doorstep.


Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV: Crafted with elegance, high-class the modern and colourful design and the stunning appearance; it makes an excellent product to spend for. The attractive design fits perfectly with your kitchen décor. Apart from RO+ UV purification technology, it enhances the water taste by adding minerals to the water supply. The auto-flush system rinses the membrane automatically at regular intervals keeping water germ free. It comes with a hands-free bottle fill zone for the convenience of use. The best feature is its 6-stage purification technology that kills 1 crore of viruses in 1 liter of water and filter maximum of 1 liter in just 30 seconds.  In case of any inquiry or service emergency, search for Pureit Ultima RO UV Customer Care or Pureit ultima ro+uv customer care and seek professionals assistance at your ease.

Pureit Ultima RO+ UV + MF: It possesses the largest storage capacity of 10 liters. With digital purity indicator, the product let you test the purity level of filtered water. It comes equipped with a mineral cartridge, advanced 7-stage purification levels, and RO+ UV + MF technology that ensures the quality of every filtered drop. It also comes with a double-lock purity system alerting before 15 days of Germkill kit expiration. Look for Pureit ultima customer care, Pureit ultima customer care number or HUL Pureit ultima customer care and get the help of proficient executives for all your queries!

         Pureit Classic

Pureit Classic 14L: This one comes from a non-electric range of water purifiers. Top of its features include 5 liters of water storage capacity, removes 1 crore viruses from 1 liter of water, auto-shutoff the element comes into use when germ-kill kit expires, germ-kill indicator, and above all of that its sleek design that saves a lot of space of your kitchen's corner. Suitable for 5 members, the product is worth to buy. To know more about the specifications, hit for Pureit Classic customer care or Pureit classic customer care number.


Pureit Classic 23L: This is another product from a non-electric range of Pureit purifiers. The machine comes attached with 4 stages of purification levels, activated carbon trap, cleansing collection chamber, an indicator for germ kill and 9 liters of storage capacity with 23 liters of total purifier volume. To know more about non-electric purifiers and seek its services, hit for Pureit Non Electric customer care.

         Pureit Advanced

Pureit Advanced RO+UV: With multi-purification technology and multi-stages of purification level, it provides water free from hardness, germs, viruses and other contaminants. Six stages of purification let water goes through a Pre-Sediment filter, Pre-RO carbon filter, Post-RO Carbon filter, Post-Carbon Sediment Filter, UV chamber, and RO membrane. Water storage capacity is 5 liters, and the tank keeps water pure and safe even in the absence of electricity. To know more about pureit advanced features, type, and to seek services, click for Pureit Advanced Customer Care.

All the pureit purifiers come attached with a germ-kill kit that includes three phases or parts. The first part comprises activated carbon filter, the second compartment comprises a germ kill processor, and the third one is the polisher. After going through these phases, water becomes free from harmful pesticides and parasites, microscopic organisms like virus and bacteria, dissolved content of chlorine. Apart from this, it removes lousy odour, enhances colour, and improves the taste. Germ-kill kit (GKK) is like a heart of Pureit purifiers. To get full assistance for the GKK and Pureit filters, you may consider looking for Pureit Germkill kit Customer Care and Pureit Water Filter Customer Care or Pureit Water Filter Customer Care Number, respectively. Get professional help and maintain your purification machine for the long-lasting usage!

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