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Hire the best Water Purifier service expert near you in Delhi NCR. We provide doorstep service for all brands and all models. If you are feeling tired of frequent interruption of your Water Purifier service, then connect us to get best service technician near you. We are providing doorstep pick up and drop facility at affordable price.

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Reliable services for pure drinking water


Water is a vital source of life for all living creatures in the world. It is essential for drinking and performing other daily activities. We must ensure that we all get clean and pure water for drinking. Unclean water can have adverse effects on our health. Also, it is estimated that many diseases are caused due to unhealthy drinking water in several parts of the country. We do boil water to kill the germs and bacteria present in it. It should be understood that boiling cannot remove the germs and other harmful chemicals present in it. Today a lot of fresh water sources are contaminated with effluent which increases the risk for dangerous diseases. Unfortunately, this is the water that we get in our homes too. So we cannot stay careless about drinking water after knowing these kinds of risks involved.


To avoid all these issues regarding drinking water, a lot of us install water purifiers at homes. It becomes very important for us to service these water purifiers periodically. We need the right services done so that the water purifier system is checked and treated accordingly. RO water purifier systems are also becoming popular among people. Many feel that RO water purifiers are safe and affordable. Any water purifiers at home, office or industry require good service.

So Livpure customer service ensures to provide clean drinking water for every household and office.


There are several companies producing new water purifier systems for the customers. They are available in different designs and models. Today RO water purifier systems are widely used by many people as the mechanism is simple to use and understand. It is also very effective in killing all the germs and bacteria. One big advantage in using RO systems is that it completely removes the bacteria from water. In other systems, the killed bacteria stays in the water medium. While buying RO water purifiers customers check if it removes the minerals in water too. Minerals in water are necessary for our body for good functioning.


Livpure RO services


You may have a lot of confusions before choosing the right RO water purifier for your home. Livpure RO water purifiers are one of the leading water purifier systems in India. RO water systems have a reliable working mechanism that gives you fresh drinking water every day. Livpure water systems are providing complete RO solutions for any purpose in reasonable rates. Livpure water purifier service centre makes sure to provide every customer with the best installations. They also carefully explain the working of the RO systems to guide the customers. They strive to achieve customer satisfaction with quality and reputation.


The Livpure service center is set up to listen to the complaints and feedback of customers. They accordingly bring solutions to every problem. The Livpure RO service center is available 24*7 to maintain the RO installations made. Livpure water purifier service is available in every part of the country to put customers at ease. The technicians reach out to the customer on time to rectify and fix problems in their systems.


A customer can write a complaint and the service person will reach them within 24 hours maximum. Livpure RO service center does provide excellent services every time. They listen to the queries of the customer and analyse the problem to give effective solutions. The Livpure customer service also provides provision for regular maintenance and cleaning by professional technicians.


Livpure has plenty of RO water purifier systems that are suitable for homes, commercial purposes and industrial uses. Livpure RO service is also provided according to this purpose.


Products from Livpure


Livpure is well known for producing India's best and smart RO water purifier systems. Customers can find these products in online stores too. Here are some of the commonly bought RO systems. Many discounts are available for these products online.


  • Envy Plus, which is of Rs 18, 490 is now available at Rd 14, 299
  • Glitz+, which is of Rs 10, 299 is now available at Rs 8, 950.
  • Pep Star, which is of Rs 16, 390 is now available at Rs 13, 250.


Livpure customer care services


Livpure customer service is always ready to attend customers with any kind of complaint regarding their RO water purifier system. Their services are fast and effective. The Livpure RO service center is available in every city and can be contacted at any time.


Customers can also visit the Livpure website to place a call or book an appointment. Livpure customer care services are always concerned that their customers must get access to clean drinking water every day without hindrance. They reach immediately and solve the issue with the water purifiers.

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