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Hire the best Water Purifier service expert near you in Delhi NCR. We provide doorstep service for all brands and all models. If you are feeling tired of frequent interruption of your Water Purifier service, then connect us to get best service technician near you. We are providing doorstep pick up and drop facility at affordable price.

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Eureka Forbes Service Center Number 9179157181 For Water Purifier Service, Repair, Installation Chennai

Afraid of the hashtags of after sale? Eureka Forbes Aquaguard service Center

When it comes to services, we all avoid that hashtag as it involves much of the details which are not clarified to us. But what if you had all the necessary details involved in your purchase transparently? Wouldn't that be great? Yes, even I fear the hashtag since I had faced issues owing to those hidden clauses when the period of servicing was involved. So I did not want to meet the same problem with my water purifier. I had recently shifted to Ranchi, and the raw water here is not good. So I had to purchase a water purifier.  As I said, I was looking out for companies which have no hashtags for after sale services. So I settled down for Eureka Forbes Aquaguard purifier with a water capacity of 8 litres. I have a habit of reviewing the rating before purchase, and for me, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard service was rated amongst the best as I had not seen any complaints relating to their services. So I took up my pick of choice.

Ro water purifiers are known to filter the purest types of water. And there are variable RO purifiers available in the market. For each purifying company their assistance support has a definite time, but for Eureka Forbes service request they provide 24*7 services. The customer care services available at their end are toll free. The RO adjustable charge available through Eureka Forbes service request is a fixed amount of Rs 300. You can even take up the AMC plan. The spare parts for Eureka Aquaguard are available at the local vendors, but you can trust the services and the competitive rates offered by Eureka service center.  The first help they provide after purchase are the installation services, maintenance and repairing. Their service charges and installation charges are fixed. Where the service costs Rs 300. Installation requires Rs500. If you have a commercial RO, the price ranges from Rs 350- 500. The Annual maintenance cost plan available at Eureka have six bifurcations each depending upon the different section of services. You can check out the details of the AMC plan along with the quoted rates by visiting or calling at Eureka Forbes RO service number. This has all the features along with the precise terms and conditions involved in the program. Since water purifiers take up regular servicing so keeping a record of regular service period is not possible, so I have taken the AMC plan 6 for myself. And till date, I have not faced any hurdles. You can get to know the specific details from the Eureka service centre or check out the online page of the company.

I have been an old customer for Eureka since I started with their gravitation technology purifier and had ordered for packaged drinking water for a rough around of 1 year when I had to relocate for a project. Eureka Forbes water purifier services are available on the larger scale, and you can get along with them through the online website or their Eureka Forbes service number for customer helpline which is toll free and available for all kinds


Steps involved in escalating Eureka Forbes water purifier service

There are times when the service you have received might not be satisfactory. If so is the case with you or you wish to escalate your services request you can follow the following steps and you will get the redresses within 48 hours of your complaint. To initiate the escalation process-

  1. Check out our website and apply online for the escalation or you can download the service redressal form and post it after filling.

  2. You can even complain about the head of customer care for assistance at it will be heard.

  3. The company has also provided the details of the Ombudsman in case the company does not answer your queries.

I have never taken the escalation services yet since my servicing request adheres within 24 hours since Eureka Forbes service centre is close to my place of residence. Many local vendors have taken affiliation from Eureka Forbes, and even they sell out the licensed spare parts of the purifier. In case you find any issues with the local registered vendors you can register your complaint about the vendors.

All of the service details for the company are available online. You can even initiate your online purchase and track your orders. There are no hidden clauses to their after sale services. You can take a pick for your desired model of RO water purifier for the rest I guess my suggestions will work out for you. In case you still face any issues do let me know I will assist you with the involved details you can apply for.

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