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Water purifier: the best solution to protect from water pollution

Our planet and its associates are mostly water. We humans are about 70% water. The water in our body helps us regulate the temperature and is responsible for our metabolism, nutrient transport, and body cleansing. The water is irreplaceable and has divinity in many cultures around the world. Eureka Forbes toll free number tells us the utmost importance of pure water for our body and thus for our health.

The problem of water pollution

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard customer care expert explains water pollution has been a big issue for years because it affects us all. Without water, life on earth cannot exist, so we all depend on it. However, this elixir of life can also harm us if it causes health problems due to water pollution.

Due to the ever-increasing population density, it is increasingly difficult to provide good water quality. Often our drinking and industrial water is pump from hundreds of kilometers away areas. Sometimes the local utilities are not able to give enough pure water.

Therefore, as Eureka Forbes customer care number expert has already addressed a first critical point. Water runs hundreds of kilometers through pipelines. It does not remain natural — no matter what material these pipes consist of. There are always reactions with the water flowing through.

Why should I buy a water purifier?

Perhaps you think. My tap water is good!

You are right; the tap water in India is usually good and meets the drinking water standard. Nevertheless, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard customer care number tells us many good reasons to filter the water with water purifier:

For health concern:

Water is our most important food. Two liters of liquid, preferably water, a body needs on average per day. On hot days, much more. We need the water in the body for the metabolism, the nutrient transport, and the cleaning. Pollutants have therefore lost nothing in your drinking water even in small quantities. Nitrates, heavy metals, copper, hormones, drug residues, arsenic, uranium, pesticides, and herbicides already cause small health damage. Therefore, the fewer pollutants in your drinking water, the better!

For your safety:

When we contact Eureka Forbes customer care toll free number, they explain that the first step towards clean drinking water is the treatment of the water by the waterworks. The purified water then lays a long way through z.T. old water pipe systems and storage tanks back to your faucet. Do you know which substances it absorbs in this way? Old pipes may still contain lead and asbestos, and there are always reports of bacterially contaminated water. Residents often have to boil the water for weeks. Our water filters remove almost 100% of bacteria, viruses, and pollutants from the water. With an osmosis water filter in the house, you have control over your drinking water quality.

For good taste:

Pure water is not only healthy, but it also tastes good! The subtle aroma of tea and coffee comes to the best with the most purified water. Unattractive tea slips are outdated. Even when cooking, the flavors are better preserved. Why buy expensive gourmet water when the source can be much cheaper in-house?

For environment measures:

The provision of bottles for mineral water, the enormous efforts to produce clean water and last but not least the massive transport routes in the reusable system lead to a significant burden on our environment. With your self-filtered ultrapure water, directly from the water pipe, you contribute to a reduction of this environmental pollution.

Advance water purifier system

When we speak with Eureka Forbes customer care about pure water, we will get information about the RO+UV water purifier. It comes equipped with an advanced 6-stage purification process. What flows from the faucet is safe and pure water. While the RO mechanism helps in elimination of disease-causing microorganisms, lead, pesticides, heavy metals, excess TDS and other contaminants, UV technology automatically purifies the water periodically to prevent recontamination. UV purification also rids the water of microorganisms. Ensure the availability of pure water using this purification system.

Some advance purifiers in the market have a unique intelligent interface, i.e., four light indicators for the added convenience of getting pure water always. In case the UV lamp fails, the UV LED blinks. The power indicator illuminates to indicate faultless functioning of the electrical circuit. Purification begins after 30 seconds, once the switch is put on if everything is fine. The full tank indicator illuminates to indicate when the tank is full.


All the above advantages are explained by Eureka Forbes customer care no for you to grab. You will experience the massive change in healthy and pure water. Therefore, do not think twice contact Eureka Forbes water purifier customer care and from tomorrow on, the bottle hauling will end, and you will do more for your health!

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