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Cost Of Aquaguard Reviva Filter Replacement @ 9179157181

A Complete Guide for Aquaguard Reviva Water Filter

Engineered with RO technology, the Aquaguard Reviva filter makes an ideal choice for all your water purification needs. The disease-causing microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and protozoa-cysts are removed from the water with its advanced Silver Surety technology, but the growth of these microorganisms is also restrained. With a contemporary, robust design, the Reviva Aquaguard filters are extensively made to fit the modern day needs of your home. To revive the original taste of water, the TDS regulator ensures that the water you drink is not just pure, but it tastes great too.

Features of Aquaguard Reviva water purifier

  • RO

The Unique RO technology removes dissolved impurities, chemical contaminants, and excess TDS while retaining essential minerals in the drinking water

  • Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer

The accumulation of dissolved salts such as calcium and magnesium on the membrane is prevented by the Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer, thus enhancing its service life and improving water flow.

  • Smart Auto Fill system

The smart auto fill system periodically checks to ensure whether the purified water is stored or not.

  • Large Storage Capacity

Aquaguard reviva ro+uv filters are built with 8 liters of storage capacity to ensure you have readily available drinking water at all times.

  • Warranty

The purifier is warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, artistry or material for 15 months from the date of sale or 12 months from the date of installation, whichever is earlier.

Some more features of Aquaguard Reviva Filter which makes it an ideal water purifier are listed below:

  • Aquaguard Reviva RO makes the water completely fit for consumption as it rids water of the dissolved chemicals, pesticides, and excess TDS.
  • RO technology helps to removes impurities from the water and retains essential minerals
  • Accumulation of dissolved salts are prevented with the help of Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer, and it also enhances the life of the membrane
  • Taste Enhancer helps to improve the original taste of water
  • To ensure you get readily available drinking water, there is an improved storage capacity of 8 liters.
  • To know about the Aquaguard Total RO Reviva filter price, you can search online, or you can contact the authorized service center for its price. Aquaguard Total Reviva filter price is quite economical compared to its competitor’s filter price.

Some advantages of Aquaguard Reviva RO over other water purifiers:

Trusted by

  • 10 million families and owned by 162,000 doctors
  • Service
  • Across more than 500 towns
  • Installation
  • Free Standard Installation
  • Certified by
  • More than 130 national and international leading labs
  • Endorsed By
  • Indian Medical Academy

Aquaguard Total RO Reviva filter unit comes with four filter cartridges: Clarity cartridge, RO membrane, Taste Enhancer cartridge, and Organic remover cartridge.

Cost of Aquaguard Reviva RO filter

The Aquaguard Reviva 50 filter price is Rs. 12,190.00 inclusive of all taxes. This price includes Delivery Charges and Standard Installation. The EMI cost is as low as Rs. 752.00 per month. To know more about Aquaguard Reviva RO filter price, you can contact the service center, or you can search online. Aquaguard Reviva filter price is one of the cheapest water purifier compared to competitor filter prices available in the market.

Aquaguard Reviva RO Filter Kit

Aquaguard Reviva RO Filter Kit has been specially designed to remove suspended impurities as well as organic chemicals from the water, letting you get the purest form of drinking water. It also destroys disease-causing bacteria and virus, thus giving your family protection from harmful water-borne diseases. Aquaguard Reviva Filter Kit is an essential part of the water purifier, and it must be changed from time to time so that you and your family get the purest form of water. To know about Aquaguard Reviva RO Filter Kit price, you can either contact the service center, or you can search for Aquaguard Reviva filter kit price online.

What to expect from Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC)?

Annual Maintenance Contract can be availed online to ensure that your water purifier is working efficiently so that you can have peace of mind and you don’t have to go through lengthy procedures, and there is no need of signing up of forms.

  • Up to 3 free preventive services in a year and free breakdown services as needed
  • Free replacement of consumables such as filters and activated carbon
  • Free repair/replacement of worn out or exhausted parts during the contract period
  • To know more about Aquaguard Reviva filter replacement cost, you can contact the service center, or you can search online. Cost of Aquaguard Reviva filter replacement is quite economical, and it can be further reduced if you take up the AMC plan.

When to change Aquaguard Reviva water filter

Aquaguard Reviva filters bear the brunt of the purification process as they are one of the main components that purify the water by eliminating contaminants present in the water. To ensure the water purifier is functioning smoothly, you can check the input water quality and set your purification method accordingly. The contaminants that accumulate over time reduces the efficiency of your water purifier. This usually results in the bad odor of water and a reduced flow rate. If you notice such signs, Aquaguard Reviva filter change is necessary. Always use Aquaguard Reviva filter kit original for best results of the water purifier. Aquaguard Reviva filter kit original can only be found from the authorized or genuine service center of Aquaguard.

When to replace Aquaguard Reviva filter 

RO technology is a widely used purification process which uses membrane technology to purify water, which has high TDS content. The RO membrane absorbs a lot of dissolved impurities and colloidal particles as the water is passed through it. This tends to affect the life of the membrane as the particles clog the pores, resulting in foul-tasting water. Aquaguard Reviva filter replacement is essential when you notice such signs. It is advised that you give proper attention to the filtration quality of the RO membrane as it is one of the critical elements that help in delivering safe water. Aquaguard Reviva RO filter replacement is necessary from time to time for best results of Aquaguard water filter. To know Aquaguard Reviva filter cost, you can contact the service center, or you can check the official website of Aquaguard.

Top Features of AquaGuard Reviva RO + UV Filters

  • Impurities in the water are removed by RO technology, and it retains essential minerals, and it also enhances the taste of water
  • Unique e-boiling helps to make the water as safe and pure as the water boiled for over 20 minutes
  • Storage Capacity: To ensure you get readily available drinking water, there is an enhanced storage capacity of 8 liters
  • Purification Capacity: 15 Liters per Hour
  • Recommended for: Borewell water, Municipal water, Tap water, Well water, Water from tankers
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from the date of purchase of the purifier

Review of AquaGuard Reviva water filter

With 8 liters of purified water storage capacity, this best budget RO+UV water purifier is an excellent choice for medium-sized families. With its 9 stage purification process, this RO purifier purifies water to gives you the purest form of water to drink. What makes this water purifier unique and best water purifier in India is its taste enhancer feature of this water purifier.

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