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Aquaguard Compact Spare Parts @ 9179157181

Aquaguard Compact Cartridge and the Various Things a Customer Needs to Know

Which company is responsible for the manufacture of Aquaguard?

Dr. Aquaguard is a product of the company- Eureka Forbes. This is one of the leading companies in the country that is responsible for the manufacture of water purifiers. Aquaguard is one of the oldest and the most trusted series of water purifiers that India uses even today. Aquaguard, in turn, has various series of water purifying machines that dominate the sales in the market. One such series is the Aquaguard Compact. Not only is this machine popular but Aquaguard Compact spare parts also find a way in the market. This is proof that people have been using this for years and have been satisfied with it. The best part about this machine, however, is the Aquaguard Compact cartridge that is discussed later here.

What is the Aquaguard Compact?

Aquaguard compact is a series of water purifying machines from Eureka Forbes. The specialty of this water purifier is its size. It is basically tiny, which makes it perfect for household purposes.  It is a little machine that takes up very little space, making it best for houses that do not have the adequate area required to accommodate a water purifier of a bigger size. Aquaguard compact cartridge model is another reason why this has become popular among the people. It uses a Biotron cartridge that we will discuss in the following section. To summarize it all, Aquaguard Compact has been the favourite of the customers due to its size and also due to its efficiency. It has been bought and used all over the country and customers have been only too happy with its performance.

What is the Aquaguard Compact cartridge?

The Aquaguard compact filter cartridge uses the Biotron technology to purify water. An already patented technology, Dr. Aquaguard purifiers boast of its various benefits. Needless to say, only the very best and advanced water purifiers from Eureka Forbes use this Biotron technology in their systems. This technology is claimed to make water more absorbable by our bodies as it is said to break the water molecules arranged in a complex structure into something like microclusters. These microclusters make the minerals present in water more absorbable by our bodies. The price of this cartridge is a few thousand.

What is the Aquaguard compact filter?

Although the Aquaguard Compact cartridge costs a little more, Aquaguard compact filter price starts from a few hundreds. Given the popularity of the Aquaguard Compact water purifier, Aquaguard Compact spare parts are widely available everywhere, be it on online stores or offline shops. The list given below shows the Aquaguard compact filter candle price that will help the customers to decide what they wish to buy.


Sl No.

Name of the Aquaguard filter candle



Maggzoo Carbon Block and Spun PP Filter Prefilter Cartridge for Aquaguard Compact Water Purifier, 10-inch, White


Rs. 340


CHIRAG DISTRIBUTION Polyester Block Carbon and Spun PP Filter Prefilter for AG Compact RO Water Purifier Hi-Flo (Blue, 10-inch)


Rs. 350


     PARIJATA Aquaguard Carbon Block Dual Cartridge for AG Compact RO Water Purifier(10inch, Blue)


Rs. 525


Chirag Distribution Royal Aqua Spark Carbon Block Dual Cartridge Aquaguard, White


Rs. 339


Generic Plastic 10-inch carbon and spun  PP cartridge for Aquaguard( white)

Rs. 329


ABT for Aquaguard Compact Water Purifier 10" Carbon Block & Spun PP Filter Prefilter Cartridge


Rs. 415


Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Candle Filter (Plastic, White And Blue)


Rs. 234


Royal Aqua Spark Carbon Block Dual Cartridge for AG Compact


Rs. 460


Chirag distribution Prefilter Housing 12 Inch and Water Filter Cartridge with Elbow Connector and clamp for aqua guard and Purifier


Rs. 359


The above list of Aquaguard compact candle shows the products that are sold by various companies independently. The customer can refer to this list if she wishes to buy  Aquaguard Compact cartridge online. Buying these products online results in the reduction of Aquaguard compact cartridge price. Online stores are cheaper in these respects, which can prove to be quite beneficial for the customer.

The previous list will also give the customers an idea about Aquaguard dual cartridge for ag compact as they are all more or less around the same price point.

What are the advantages of buying Aquaguard compact filter candle online?

Buying these spare parts online or even the water purifier itself helps save a lot of money on the part of the customer. The overhead costs that are incurred are greatly reduced if these are bought online. When a customer buys anything from a physical shop, then the additional costs like a part of the showroom rent and maintenance cost also get added to Aquaguard compact model PCB price and to the actual cost of the machine.  This can be pretty hefty and thus, it is always better to buy it from some online store.

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