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Dr Aquaguard Classic Water Purifier Price @ 9179157181

Eureka Forbes Dr Aquaguard classic price

We all get along with one water purifier or the other when it comes to fulfilling our drinking needs. But with so many water purifiers available in the market, it is tough to come up with the appropriate water purifier. So to enhance your search, in here we are going to provide you with a buyer's guide about Dr Aquaguard classic which will help you know the Aquaguard classic water purifier ranges review. Starting with the review on the priority, you must be aware of why you need a water purifier since it will help you with the self-ad judgment.

The raw water we receive from our taps have the availability of-


From our intake diet water is the only component which is healthy yet free from cholesterol, fats, and calories. The TDS of raw water varies from one location to the other. Aquaguard classic UV sees to it that the purified water you obtain for drinking is healthy and possesses the required TDS value for the healthy water.

The reverse osmosis process which is used in Aquaguard Dr classic confirms that the harmful salts like Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead are removed. Apart from these chemicals, the organic dissolves and other impurities are also excluded from the filter cartridge of the Aquaguard Dr classic purifier.

So if you are looking for the process of how to install Aquaguard classic water purifier, you can get in touch with us. Since the purifiers available with us see to it that the entire toxics available in the water are removed.

Since there are various water filters, we will be disclosing the significant difference between the different kinds of purification technology which will help you expand your knowledge. The primary techniques of the water purifiers used in India are Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet, and Ultra Filtration technology-

RO vs. UV vs. UF

SR. No.

RO Water purifier

UV Water Purifier

UF Water Purifier


Cannot operate without electricity

Cannot work without power

It does not require electricity for purification.


All the Bacteria and Viruses from the Water will be killed and removed.

All the Bacteria and Viruses from the Water will be killed and removed. But the significant difference about this technology is that the remains of the dead microbes stay in the water

All the Bacteria and Viruses from the Water will be killed and removed


It cannot work under the normal pressure of tap water. For the same, it requires electricity which enhances the input pressure of the tap water

It does not need additional weight to input raw water in the purifier normal tap water is enough to allow inflow in the purifier.

It does not require additional pressure to input raw water in the purifier normal tap water is enough to allow inflow in the purifier.


All kinds of dissolved salts are removed in this technology.

The dissolved salts cannot be removed in this mode of water purification technology.

The dissolved salts cannot be removed in this mode of water purification technology.


The raw water can even be dirty so in this mode you do not have to worry about the filtration since the cold water undergoes prefiltration technology

This Technogym does not intake muddy water. The water should be clear

It is efficient in cleaning dirty Turbid water.


The range of Aquaguard classic water purifier features is compact, easy to use, and yet energy efficient. Hence these come under the listing of must buy water purifiers. So now we are going to discuss the various features and Aquaguard classic UV water purifier review or Aquaguard classic water purifier review so that you are ready to go with the best. And face no issues while finalizing your required water purifier.

Dr Aquaguard Classic UV

Featured details about doctor Aquaguard classic

1.      Machine type-

  • This water purifier requires electricity for purification.
  • It can be installed only on the wall. It cannot be kept on table mount like green RO.

2.      Details about purification in accordance to Dr. Aquaguard classic price/ dr Aquaguard classic UV price or price of Aquaguard classic.

  • It undergoes purification in five different stages.
  • Aquaguard classic UV water purifier cartridge embedded in the water purifier has the availability of Pre-Filter Cartridge, Biotron Cartridge, Mineral guard, Patented Heptapure Cartridge and UV chamber.
  • The raw water undergoes pre-filter purification for this technology.
  • The filtration process has the availability of Silver-Impregnated Activated Carbon Purification.
  • 8W of UV lamp power
  • And has added the feature of UltraViolet used for purification.

3.      The dimension of doctor Aquaguard classic

  • Weight-4.9Kg
  • Dimension(W*D*H)- 307*102.5*355

4.      The warranty period for the purifier-

The purifier comes with a warranty period of a year which can be expanded with the AMC Plan.

5.      The requirement of Power-

  • Minimum power requirement-20 watts
  • Input water pressure- 0.4-2.0Kg/sq.cm
  • Input Voltage- 230V AC/50Hz
  • Availability of TDS controller
  • Input Water Temperature- 10-40 degree Celsius

6.      Aquaguard classic water purifier price

The dr Aquaguard classic price in India starts from 7,985, which increases with an increase in the storage capacity of the water purifier.  Apart from this Aquaguard classic price online varies from one registered partner to the other since they provide other discounts or plans which vary from seller to the other. With us, you can check out the Aquaguard classic price online since the purifiers are listed with the features and price in details.

Dr Aquaguard Classic UV+

Features of dr Aquaguard classic UV+

1.      Details about the Machine-

  • It is an online mode of water purifier
  • It can be installed on a wall like Aquaguard UV classic

2.      Purification Method-

The raw water undergoes through six different stages of purification.

  • Aquaguard classic uv + water purifier cartridge has the availability of Hybrid Carbon Chemi Block Cartridge, HD Filter Cartridge, Ultra Violet Treatment, Mineral guard, Biotron Cartridge, Mineral cartridge.
  • The lamp power of the dr Aquaguard classic UV+ is 11 W
  • It has the availability of UV technology.

3.      Dimensions-

  • Weight- 5.5 kg
  • Dimension(W*D*H)- 423*167*313 mm

4.      Warranty period- 1 Year

5.      The requirement of power in detail-

  • Required Power- 20 Watts
  • Has availability of TDS Controller
  • Input Water pressure- 0.4-2.0 Kg/sq.cm
  • Input Water Temperature- 10-40 Degree Celsius
  • Input Voltage- 230 V AC/50Hz

6.      Eureka Forbes Classic Aquaguard Water Purifier Price

The Aquaguard classic UV water purifier price starts from 9,400, which varies depending upon the storage capacity of the water purifier.  You can check out the official website of Eureka Forbes for Aquaguard classic price list. And always prefer to get the purifier from a registered vendor since you will gain the benefits of free installation and after sale services. You can even place your query for the AMC details and get to know the involved details about the purifier you are willing to buy apart from the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard classic price.

Aquaguard Classic E Boiling Plus

Amongst the Eureka Forbes classic Aquaguard water purifier the range of UV purifiers have the availability of Aquaguard classic e boiling plus. To get into the details will help you finalize your purchase.

The dr Aquaguard classic UV+ has an added benefit of UF technology which uses the unique technology of e boiling plus also known as UV purification. This technology eliminates all impurities, including viruses, which can cause disease.

1.      Dimension

  • Weight- 4.16Kg
  • Dimension- 355*102.5*307 mm

2.         Cartridges provided

  • Clarity cartridge, Mineral Guard, UV chamber, Chemi Block.

3.      Features of the purifier

  • It undergoes four stages of purification.
  • It has the availability of intelligent purity sensor system
  • It has a voltage stabilizer.
  • The raw water undergoes unique e boiling plus technology so that you get the purest form of drinking water
  • Auto shut off is the added benefit.

4.         Type of flow for purification- Direct

5.      Operating Voltage- 230V 24V

6.      Warranty- The water purifier comes with a warranty period of a year which can be expanded with the AMC plan.

7.      Aquaguard classic E boiling plus price- The starting price for the purifier is 8000, which increases depending upon the storage capacity of the purifier.

You can get your hand on these purifiers from any online site. Even the official website of Eureka Forbes has the availability of online order for its range of water purifiers. Now you are aware of the different technologies and the details involved in these technologies.

With us, you can get the details about the various technologies and the added benefits of purchasing the water purifier. Moreover, since we are the registered reliable partners of Eureka Forbes so even assist in after sale services. You can inquire about the range of Dr Aquagurd classis water purifiers as we would be able to give you the minute details involved in the machinery and technology. So if you have any query write down to us or let us know which purifier do you want to purchase is it RO filter, UF filter or UV filter. Since now you know the technology and specifications of the purifiers it will be easier for you to adjudge and for the rest, you have us for your assistance. Let us know if you have any queries and the other details are specified on our website for you to review.

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