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How Would A Technician Clean Your Reverse Osmosis Filter Which Would Help It Last Long?

Each and every household now has the advantage of installing water purifiers at their home to make sure that they receive pure and clean drinking water. With modern technology, nowadays getting pure water is not difficult but drinking natural water straight from the river and the pond could highly dangerous for your health.

You could install water purifier just by making sure that it is done by someone who is skilled and knows how to do their job. Installing RO water purifier in your home, you would not feel any scarcity of pure drinking water but sometime your water purifier may face some problems. Aquafresh RO service in Ghaziabad has skilled technicians who know how to solve these problems of yours.

The relief you would feel once you install water purifier is great. No more running to stores to buy water bottles and spending a lot of money on pure water every day. You being an amateur would not know how to clean RO water purifier. These are the following steps that professionals follow to clean your water purifier or RO membrane.


  • They First Understand When Your RO Needs: Though you would call the technician if you need any kind of RO service. It would be better if you understand yourself if your water purifier or RO system needs servicing or not. Aquafresh service centre in Ghaziabad technicians would come when you go for registering yourself for your RO system servicing. But first, you have to understand whether your water purifier needs it or not or whether it is required at that moment or not.

Based on the amount of time you use your RO system, it needs servicing accordingly. Most of the technicians recommend that you go for servicing your RO system at an interval of 3 and 12 months. Sometimes, you would find out that your water tastes funny or smelling funny.

It is at times like this that you need to understand that it is high time that you do something regarding servicing your water purifier. Aqua service centre technician then visits your household and separates the components t clean your water purifier.


  • What Would A Technician Need While Cleaning The RO System? A technician being a skilled person would require equipment that would otherwise not be present inside your household. There are some essential tools which they would need to clean your water purifier. From clean cloth to clean all the surface areas and soft water. Yes, washing all the sensitive spare parts and also the inner chamber and the surface with a soft cloth is crucial. Hard water could do damage as they contain salts of magnesium and calcium which would make the water it less useful. Dilution of chemicals if necessary should be done in soft water only then would it form foams which would be used to clean the spare parts and the surface.

Aquafresh RO service centre in Ghaziabad have expert professionals who carry with them RO cleaning pump which would clean or suck out all the impurities and contaminants that had been there slowly building up. Usually, RO pump needs cleaning when you see that the water coming out of the tap is less purified or the RO membrane is malfunctioning. They also carry with them a tank cooler and tank mixer to check the TDS and the flow of water.


  • How Do Technicians Clean Your Water Purifier? Technicians first clean your storage tank completely and then only do they move forward with the procedure of cleaning your water purifier. They cut off the water supply to avoid any kind of water supply. Otherwise, signs of leakage might be observed which would lead to some extra burden. They then remove the water from the chambers and slowly and carefully remove the filter and the RO membrane, this should be done carefully otherwise a working filter may undergo damage.

Aquafresh service technician run clean water thoroughly through the system to remove any kind of dir or grim that might be present. Then they use dilute chemicals to clean the RO membrane to remove all kinds of residues. This way the RO and the water filter is cleaned. If required you could go for replacement as well. They should be them dried up properly and lubricating them with lubrication which is water-based is good. The parts are them assemble slowly and taken back and fitted in their original places.

The tank is then run so that water flow could be checked and with that. the chamber is again filled with water. Aquafresh water purifier service centre checks whether any malfunctioning with your water filter is happening or not. Aquafresh water purifier’s service then cleans the debris or dirt and this is how water filter servicing is done.  

Make sure that you read the manual before using your water filter so that through proper usage of it, it lasts longer.    

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