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Understanding facts about water pollution hazards before choosing a Water Purifier

Many measures and laws are enforced related to the environmental safety for maintaining normal geological cycle unaffected from pollution. Water pollution is one of the significant challenges for humans to preserve the limited resources of water provided by mother earth.  Pollution is leaving its impacts over decades on us. Now, the extent has gone beyond our fears. We have been polluting our resources of water or water bodies over a long period of. Rivers, lakes, oceans, and groundwater are affected by the contaminants in several ways. Experts at Aquafresh ro service indicated that due to the rise in some waterborne diseases, it has become imperative to ensure clean water supply at our homes.

The public health authorities are creating more awareness for drinking clean water among the masses. Hence, we need to install water purifiers at our houses to prevent the effects of water pollution on our families. To check more details about a water purifier, we can take assistance from experts at Aquafresh service center.

The marine biologists have highlighted that the release of untreated wastewater into the various water sources have degenerated the aquatic ecosystem. The population near coastal areas who live on seafood and the fish food from rivers are also going through health-related problems.

Let’s study more about water pollution divided into two groups:

  • Surface water pollution is caused due to waste disposal and effluents released over the surface of water bodies such as rivers, lakes, wetlands, and ocean. Experts at Aquafresh ro service center mentioned that this type of polluted water results in immediate health problems.

  • Deep System and Marine pollution are caused due to waste products by humans released into the seas and oceans. These are effluents of industrial waste, residential waste from the sewage of the urban areas, chemical waste released by factories and the agricultural runoff from the land — this type of pollution results in long-run and more dangerously irreversible changes in the aquatic ecosystem. Around 80% of the sea is polluted by land waste. Hence, causing changes in the biodiversity of marine life and spreading of invasive organisms endangering several species and not just humans.

  • Nutrient pollution is also one kind of infection caused due to excessive increase of nutrients such as nitrogen or phosphorus usually in the water bodies. This pollution especially causes degenerated disorders in kids. The water becomes overly rich in minerals stimulating excessive algal growth in water thereby depleting the oxygen-carrying capacity in water. One of the significant reasons for nutrient pollution is surface runoff from farm fields and pastures, emission of combustions, discharges from septic tanks. A team from Aqua service center informed that such type of water requires purification treatment more rigorous than surface water pollution.

The sources of water pollution can be distinguished into point source and nonpoint source. The causes of point source are storm drains and residues of wastewater treatment plants; whereas the waste from agricultural runoff comes under nonpoint source.

Polluted water is a breeding hub of numerous pathogenic bacteria, viruses and multicellular parasites which causes disease. The contaminants in water may contain both organic and inorganic wastes. Coliform levels measure the pollution of water. So what is coliform??

Coliform is a type of bacteria which can ferment lactose along with the production of acid and gas when incubated at 35-37 degree Celsius. The presence of such rod-shaped gram-negative and non-spore forming motile or nonmotile bacteria is used as an indicator to ensure the sanitary quality of water. These bacteria are not harmful, but their presence indicates the presence of another pathogenic organism of fecal origin. Coliform levels should be below 104 MPN/100 ml while counting water pollution level. But this bacteria should be absent in water for human and agricultural use. Its presence may cause disease outbreak even if this water is used for agriculture.

Case-Studying about a story, drainages in the villages of Punjab, India is so much polluted with fluoride and mercury. The beta-endosulphan and heptachlor pesticides were found much more than permissible limit in the ground and tap water level, according to a joint study done by Punjab Pollution Board in 2008. The water had the highest concentration of COD and BOD that is chemical and biochemical oxygen demands. The water concentration also indicated the presence of excessive arsenic, ammonia, phosphate, Chloride, Chromium, Lead, Nickel, Cadmium, and Chlorpyrifos pesticides including both ground and tap water. Hence, water experts at Aquafresh service center number advise that water purifier can be helpful at such locations for potable drinking water.

The situation even worsens during floods and in rainy season as the contaminants of soil, and solid waste of nonporous areas like roads and parking places in cities also flow downstream into rivers and other water bodies as pointed out by aqua fresh service water professionals. In an unbelievably densely populated country like India, the available water resource is just 1869 billion cubic meters only from the rivers. Due to rough raining conditions, only around 1122 billion cubic meter water resources are available for utilization, including groundwater. The pollution makes the water unsafe for usage limiting the availability of water for humans, agriculture and industry.

The Aquafresh water purifier service center describes the option for purifying water at home using water purifiers as one of the most effective methods of eliminating the effects of such drastic water pollution on our families. The water purifiers are the safest, most accessible and affordable option for access to safe and clean water for drinking and cooking. We can gain more information about water purifiers from professionals at Aquafresh water purifier service centers.

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